Sustainable Soil Management and Bio rertilizer with Paul Taylor

I recently attended a Bio-Vital composting course with Paul Taylor at Jamberoo Valley Farms in New South Wales Australia. The course focused on increasing soil fertility while  lowering inputs and increasing yields. As Paul described it was “a quiver of solutions type of workshop.” He taught us how to make ‘Inoculum compost’, ‘soil probiotic,’ bio-fertilizers, and touched on a few other interesting things like ORMEs. The course gave me a fresh perspective on soil and organic farming. I design gardens in the tropics and have a hard time keeping them fertile. There never seems to be enough compost to go around, and the rain loves to wash it all away. Paul said “When [he] investigated most organics in Australia [he] realized they were high input systems.” My gardens end up being high input systems. They need lots of manures and organic compost to thrive. The missing link seems to be the little soil critters we can’t see that live in good compost. Soil microbes are 40 times smaller that the what is visible to the naked eye. These guys help to create a truly sustainable agriculture. One that fosters our ability to build fertility, improve production, and lower expensive inputs. Sounds like a win, win, win no?

You can learn more by visiting Paul’s website. I plan to implement this system here in Bali, and I’ve already got some piles going!


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